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 Date sent: Wed, 1 May 2002 13:48:46 +0200
From: BVr <>
Subject: oncidium

I have been on your web site, which was quite well nice, so as to find the name specie of my orchidia. I have little experience in orchidia, so i am having some problems finding it's name specie. Perhaps you could help me.
The picture i am sending you is from an orchidia which i have bought in Panama. It lives from 800m to 2000 m. it's bulb is 15cm long, flat and oval. If you want i can send the picture of the entire plant. this orchidia is an oncidium but which kind ? Oncidium sarcodes,oncidium
altissimum,Oncidium divaricatum,Oncidium sphacelatum, Oncidium sphegiferum ,Oncidium splendidum...

Thank you for your help.

Date sent: Mon, 6 May 2002 10:25:18 +1200

Hi Bruno

Thanks for all the information.

Unfortunately i don't think that I can assist very much. There are some 600 to 700 oncidium species. The information you sent certainly
eliminated a number of possibilities. I think that t the plant most probably comes from the excavata or oblongata sections, but these
sections contain a number of species. I have been through all the references I have, but they are not much help. You really need a flora of
Panama to speed the search, and I cannot find one here in NZ. If may be worth you checking your local library to see if they have one, or can obtain one on interloan.

The nearest I can get is Onc. nebulosum, but I am an not completely sure about that identification. Unfortunately a lot of the species are
not well described, so this makes identification difficult.

The Marie Selby gardens runs an Orchid Identification Centre, check the web page for details costs etc.
You may wish to submit the plant to them for identification as they have the research and reference material to do so.

I am sorry i cannot assist further, but I would be interested to know if you have success with Marie Selby should you follow up on that reference..

with kind regards



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