Question and Answer

From: maite

Date sent: Wed, 16 Aug 2000

Subject: info native orchids

I read your web page and I found it useful and with a good comments.

I 'm interesting in the fertilization of orchids and the in vitro culture.

Could you please tell me if you go out , in your country , for collections the orchids anytime??

Perhaps, you could add in your page some advice about it theme!!

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Hi Maite

Thank uyou for your message and comments. Its great to know that the work isappreciated.

In New Zealand we have a number of native orchids, but in the main they are terrestrials, with comparatively small flowers. Like most
terresstrials they are difficult to maintain in cultivaiton.

My native orchid slide show includes photos fo tghe more spectacular, and the ;link to the NZ Native Orchid Group to which I belong has much interesting information.

I note your suggestion, and I will provide some more information

With thanks and kind regards


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