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 Hi. My name is Cherie M*****,

I am very interested in nz native terrestrial orchids. No one seems to know where to purchase them. I have just brought a property in upper hutt and would love to design a spot suited to these plants.

Also I once saw a photograph of some paphs growing outdoors in nz. Haven't been able to track this book down, do you know of any that would survive out doors?
Great web site.

 Hi Cherie

Thank for the message.

NZ native terrestrial orchids are rarely in commerce. You need to find an area where you can collect with the owners permission, and work from there. Some can be quite difficult to re-establish.

Paphs can be grown outdoors, generally insigne, but this will need protection from the winter weather, especially in upper hutt where it can get quite cold. You would need to experiment to get an area where they would be successful. The problem here is generally the cold and the wet combination.



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