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From: Ben
Subject: help
Date sent: Fri, 24 Aug 2001

Hi there

I was wondering if you could help

I keep poison dart frogs and I grow many orchids in my terrariums but im trying to locate a supplier of cocos panels or tree fern root or something similair to put on the back walls of the terrariums

I am after a supplier in the UK if you know of anyone could you please e.mail me.

Any help would be most appreciated
Best wishes
Hi Ben

Thanks for the message. I am not sure that I can assist you, but
perhaps the following comments may help.

Have you asked at your local plant centre for tree fern or cork bark, both of which should assist. If they cannot supply, they may know a source.

There was a company in the UK called Orchid Sundries Limited. I do not have a current contact, but if you can obtain a copy of the Orchid Review you may be able to obtain an address, as they used to advertise in that publication.

There is a UK site of orchid nurseries at and some of them have addresses and it may be worth contacting them direct

I am sorry but I cannot be much further assistance than this

With kind regards


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