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Date sent: Sun, 16 Dec 2001
From: Roger
Subject: Lycaste

Hi Phil
I live in south east Queensland, Australia and very keen on lycaste alliance. Do you have any contacts where I may be able to access these plants in Aust. or NZ ? May be flasks ?
Hi Roger

Thanks for the note

Unfortunately lycastes are difficult to obtain in this part of the world, Some nurseries get the odd lot in, but there are few regular suppliers. The late Alan Alcorn in Australia was a specialised breeder, but I do notknow what happened to his collection.

In NZ Tuckers nursery sometimes has some plants, as does L and R Orchids at Tuakau, but
certainly they do not have extensive lists. There is a list or orchid nurseries in Australia and NZ at which may be worth looking at and making contact with.

I have just noted the following has some lycaste species but apart from that I really cannot assist further.

It may be worth posting on the newsgroup rec.gardens.orchids to see if you get any response.

Good luck with your search and I am sorry I cannot assist further. If you have any luck perhaps you will let me know!!!!!

with kind regards


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