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  Author: john>

Subject Re: Listings:

Would you kindly forward your latest listing of plants and flasks of all genera which you have available now and also in the future.

Thank you


Hi John

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately I am non commercial and my site is an amateur one only. I thus cannot provide listings
 Hi Philip Charles Tomlinson

Thank you for answering so promptly.

Do you grow any orchids yourself and what do you grow?

Where precisely are you situated in the shakey isles? Does the ground movement increase the movement of air around the plant and so promote faster growth and earlier flowering?

My wife and I are trying to grow Lycastes and Anguloas with rather moderate success in Brisbane and are finding it a little difficult to
obtain plants.

Would like to hear of your involvement in orchids as the Lycaste article on the net is most comprehensive and informative and would require skill and knowledge.

Thank you once again for your reply



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