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Good Morning,

I foolishly kept my Phalnenopeis(?) in too much sun as I am frustrated. I'm not getting any flowers. Boy, now I have a problem!!!!! The leaves turned white and now turning black. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! How can I resolve the problem????

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!!!!

Thank you in advance,
 Hi Nancy

Sorry to hear of your problems.

Once the leaves are burnt, and cellular damage has occurred, it can be difficult to recover, unfortunately. If the burning is only partial, the
burnt areas when they turn black, can be cut away carefully. You may have to treat with a fungicide to prevent infection, to which they will be prone. In such a situation, the new growths will come away clean. If the damage is severe, they you will just have to hope that enough good tissue remains and the plant will recover. You must watch that fungal or bacterial infection does not affect damaged areas, which can easily happen

I am sorry that I cannot give better news. I just hope that the plant is not too damaged

with kind regards

  Hi Phil,

Thanx for the respose! I doubt if I can do what's right...BUT...wanted to let you know that someday I would LOVE to vist your ountry!!!! I've read about it and seen so much of your beauty on TV and KNOW it has to be beautiful!!! May I ask you......what is your favorie dinner in NZ? Gee, now is the time of the year you're going into summer and we're getting ready for winter. Boo! We're just hoping we get some moisture as we've been in the worst dought in Colorado's hisotry and feel the worst is still to come! We've had soooooo many fires...mostly man made.! Dah! Hope all is well with you and yours and thanx agon for the info!

Best, nancy
Hi Nancy

Thanks for your kind comments.

We are very lucky here in that there is a lot of very fresh food easily available. We have a lot of great seafood, and in addition to lamb and beef, or venison is great Crayfish is great, but the Americans pay so much for it it is just about priced off the local shelves. I guess for every day a nice beef roast with roast vegetables and some fresh asparagus takes a lot of beating.

I am sure you would find a visit great - as do a lot of Americans. Remember that the country is very small by your standards, and very
compact. You can go from sub tropical to alpine over a distance of only some 20 miles in parts; where you may travel hundreds of miles to get to as different environment, here this can happen over only 50 or 100. If you need more information get back to me

Good luck with your plant




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