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I was recently gifted with two moth orchids which were shipped from California to me in Wisconsin. In each case the blooms did not last very long. In fact, I brought cut orchids back from Malaysia in December and they lasted for more than a month.

To get to my question, the lower leaf is turning yellow. Am I watering them too often. The instructions say to water every week to
one-and-one-half weeks. Any other reason for the yellow droopy leaf or information as to how I can prevent that from happening to the rest of the plant would be much appreciated. The plants are kept in the house > near a window with a northwest exposure.

Helen S
Sheboygan Falls, WI
 Hi Helen

It is always difficult to give a precise answer on a question like this without seeing the plant. However, i will make the following comments

Phalaenopsis flowers generally are long lasting. When you purchase a plant in flower you do not know how long it has been in flower in
the shop, or what conditions it has been kept under. Before I get concerned you need to see the whole flowering cycle, so you may
have to wait some months to see what happens. I would be surprised if the flowers do not last a month

re the yellowing of leaves. You state it is the lower leaf that is turning yellow. It may well be the normal life cycle, as this older leaf
will die and fall off eventually. I would only really be concerned if the younger leaves also turn yellow and die.

Overwatering is often the cause of deaf death, usually arising from root death. If your problem is only the bottom leaf then I do not think you have a problem


 Thank you for your help.

There is a new leaf growing now, so it looks like the answer you gave about old leaves dying naturally is the right one.

I won't worry any more, but just take care of it as the instructions dictate.



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