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 Subject: Culture question humidifer

Date sent: Sun, 21 Oct 2001
From Melanie NZ

Any clues where I could buy a small humidifier? No luck in any NZ sites this morning though they are obviously widely available in the US.

Also, is anyone in NZ offering catts via catalogue these days?

Incidentally well over a year ago you told me how Onc. serpens grows. Did same with mine, saw 4 flowers after 15 years waiting,
currently both plants very happy.

Cheers, Melanie
 Hi Melanie

Nice to hear form you again. Pleased to hear that the serpens has finally behaved.

re humidifier, I am not really sure where you can obtain. A simple solution is to get a small fan and use a fine atomizing spray. a
specialised spraying company should be able to supply - Spraying Systems used to supply but I am not sure if they are still in existence.You can either have the fan blowing through the spray, or spray on some sacking or fibreglass matting or similar kept wet that will achieve the same effect. You would have to experiment to get the best results.

The other alternative is to approach one of the horticultural supply firms - get the contacts out fo a copy of one of the NZ horticultural magazines. A company like Fruifed (or whatever its current transformation is) should be able to help, or suggest a local supplier. They are not widely available in this country but I should be surprised if something cant be found. Auckland has a lot of horticultural/glasshouse companies and a check of the Auckland yellow pages (on the net) may enable you to track something down
Let me know if you have any success

Sorry I cannot be more helpful, but it is something that I have not needed myself

With best wishes


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