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Subject: Culture question home growing and fertilising
From: Sandra .nz
Date sent: Fri, 12 Oct 2001

Question - Is it ok to grow orchids in the house?

- Is it better to water and fertilize them over their leaves, under their leaves, or at the bottom of the pot?
 Hi Sandra

Yes, many orchids can be grown very successfully in the home.

If it is hot you will need to adjust watering, and you may wish to use a humidity tray under the plants.- a tray with an inch of gravel on and kept partly full of water, with the plant sitting on top kept clear of the water level.

All watering and feeding systems are are OK.

I think watering over the leaves is better as it assits in cleaning the leaves, and there is some nutrient absorption by the leaves.

You must however ensure that the leaves and plant art dry by nightfall. Generally it is best to water early in the day to ensure there is time forthis drying to occur.

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