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Hi Phil,

I have in my posesson a couple of different orchid plants. I would like tovknow what is the best fertilizer to get. I have a phaleonopsis, a paph, a cymbidium, and an oncdium. I have been looking for the 30-10-10, since a friend told me it is great for all the species. Since you are an authority, and a reputable one at that, I am asking your opinion. I need to have something that would aid in strong growth and blooming.

Thank you
 Hi delia

Thanks for your comments.

Yes a 30 10 10 fertilsier is satisfactory for most of the year although over the summer autumn period for most a lower nitrogen fertiliser with higher levels of potash is usually recommended. The first fertilsier is good as it stimulates vegetative growth, but once the new growth starts to mature you want it to mature fully and produce a flower, and therefore do not want to use high nitrogen Higher potash asssits in maturing growths. . A 10 10 10 of similar should be used over the summer/autumn period (or one with a higher potash level even).

For the cymbidium at least you can also give magnesium sulphate (Epsom Salts) 2 -3 times late summer/autumn as this also assists in ensuring maturity and flowering.

 Hi Philip,
Thank you so very much.


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