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 Subject: Culture question feeding orchids
Date sent: Thu, 8 Nov 2001

I live in Milton, South Otago NZ and have taken over the care of an orchid that belonged to my mother who died last year.
I believe it is a "Cym Peters Delight" and need to know the best time to feed it, (it is flowering at the moment) and with what?
Also how to I split it up?
I apprecieate any help you can give having never had anything to do with ordchis before.


Hi Debrah

Thanks for your message.

I suggest you read the cymbidium culture pages on the site; specifically seasonal culture

More advanced information on monthly culture can be found at the following index .html

These pages should provide the information you require.

However I can comment specifically on your questions as follows

Cymbidiums are gross feeders and require plenty of food while in active growth, especially during the spring and summer - a top dressing of a general plant fertiliser, and regular applications of a liquid fertiliser with each watering.

After flowering is the time to repot. Check this page for instructions. which should provide most of the information you require.

If after reading the above pages you still have any questions, get back to me. Cymbidiums are hardy plants and if you follow the instructions you should be OK

With kind regards




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