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Subject: Culture question
Date sent: Sun, 11 Nov 2001

I have admired orchids as far back as I can remember but have been so scared to grow or tend to one. Is it easy to take care of it?

Some friends tell me that its the easiest flower to grow as it needs little attention. Just tie it to a tree trunk or hang it in a driftwood
or wall and water it occasionally and that's it. Of course put a little fertilizer every now and then. Is this correct?

So my questions are what should I get if I am a beginner?

How much water does it need?

I have read somewhere before that the fastest way to kill your orchid is to overwater it? Is that true?

Also, I'd like to know if I should buy one with the flowers already in bloom or buy one and tend to it and wait for the buds and blooms to come.

Thanks for the info.

Hi Vangie

Thanks for your enquiry.
To answer the general questions first

Many orchids are easy to grow, and require only basic attention and facilities, although there are some that are more particular in their
requirements. The orchids suitable for you location and situation will vary, and I would need to know where you live and the sort of growing conditions you can provide to comment on specific genera. There are some 25000 to choose from, so there are some suitable for most conditions.

Your growing suggestions are basically correct for some orchids, and yes, overwatering is the major cause of plant death

As a general rule it is best to get a mature plant in flower and enjoy it, and then try and flower it again next year.

If you read the seasonal culture pages on my site, or even the monthly culture pages, you will get some idea of what culture is required,
although the particular details will vary depending on the genus chosen.

If you give me more details I may be able to provide more specific comments

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