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name = Ezequiel
comments = Hey Phil, my name is Ezequiel and Im writing you from Argentina.

Just wanted to congratulate you for the great job you have done with your website!

I started cultivating orchids last november and already got 21 plants! hehehe A couple of them have setted spikes but none of them rebloomed for me yet.

I have a Dend. antennatum placed in my kitchen next to an L shaped SE / SO window were it gets bright light but no direct sun. The little fella seems to be happy there. I bought it with 2 growths, by the end of summer, it lost a couple of old leaves this past winter and is now putting out 5 new growths!

I was wondering if there's any trick to get it to rebloom. The 2 canes that have been growing since I bought it are now putting out their last
apical leaf while the 5 new growths measure 0,5 to 2cm. long.

Any info will be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

Ezequiel G
 Thank you for your very nice comments. I am pleased that you find the site of interest and assistance

With many plants the pseudobulbs have to get to a reasonable size to flower properly. This species can grow quite large, and I suspect
that you may have to wait for larger growths to get flowers. Unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules regarding the size of flowering plants. With the number of growths appearing it appears you are doing things correctly, so patience may be all that is needed.



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