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 Have you ever heard of the plant Oncidium loddigesii?

Some friends of mine gave me a start and said that this was the name. Thank you so much. Karen
 Hi Karen

The only plants of this name I know of are a dendrobium and a bifoliate cattleya. The dendrobium has long pendulous pseudobulbs, the
cattleya upright topped with 2 leaves.

I trust this helps


 Thanks so much, Phil. I wish it did help; however, the plant is actually a very tiny-leaved plant with 1" diam. bronze-ish colored flowers.

I haven't seen it in bloom but I absolutely fell in love with the plant's foliage. It's just SO compact and shiny. The leaves are about 1/4" wide and MAYBE as much as 1/2" long, but I really don't think even the longest leaf was really quite that long. Either way, my friends had two plants, both mounted on pumice rock. One was quite green, while the other was darker green and actually had a tinge of redish-brown around the edges of the leaves; however, both plants had come from the same mother plant.

Very interesting. Anyway, thanks so much for your assistance.

If you happen to hear of anything, please let me know. They don't know anything else other than the name they gave me, but I can't find it in any of my books OR on the internet.

Again, thanks. Karen
I would suspect from your description it is the dendrobium, but you need to see the flower to be sure

The roots grew all over his plants, from almost ever nook and cranny so to speak. They hung a bit over the sides of the slabs of pumice; however, it was obvious by the roots reaching out in every direction, that the plants weren't actually "pendant", but were more of a "creeping/crawling" type.

Does that sound like a Dendrobium to you?

THANK you so much for responding. I really appreciate it, and hope that I'm not interfering and/or interrupting.

Yes, it sounds exactly like Dendrobium loggigesii !!!!



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