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Subject: Orchid Binnendijkii
Date sent: Sun, 23 Dec 2001

Dear reader,

Due to the fact that we have a 'binnendijk'in our family, we are looking for a book or cd-rom or whatever piece of information about the orchid 'binnendijkii'.

At your site we found in the references the book from Rudolf Schlechter : The Orchidacae of the Island of Celebes.
We have not been able to find any more about this book or the orchid and we were wondering wether you could provide us with some information about where to find an image of the orchid binnendijkii.

Perhaps you can tell us if there is indeed a picture in the book from R. Schlechter so we might try to order it at ie. Barnes and We won't order it now because we're not sure wether there is an image of the orchid in it and it quite expensive.

If you could please give some more information we would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance.

J.M. Rand J.J. B


You raise an interesting and difficult question.There are some 30,000 orchid species, and without knowing the genus it is difficult to give a definitive answer

After a search of the books I have, I have found that Schlechter in 1911 noted the name Dendrobium binnendijkii was a synonym for Dendrobium flabellum as being the earlier name, and the earliest name is the valid one. This plant is a native of the Central Celebes. I have found the comment that it is a near relative of D. flabelliforme

Parts of the dendrobium genus are difficult to sort out. .I can find no illustration of either plant - a partial flower diagnosis in Orchidaceae of German New Guinea book by Schlechter only.

A modern book on Javanese orchids is by J M Comber Orchids of Java but I can find no refernece to these plants in that work.

I am sorry but I cannot assist further. You will just need to search books and the internet to see if you can find something.

I suggest you could post on the newsgroup rec.gardens orchids and see if anyone can assist. That group has some very knowledgeable people and perhaps someone can assist

With kind regards

 Dear Phil,
Thank you very much for going through your books just for us. This was despite your own thoughts quite some useful information. We will try the site you gave us and continue from there. You gave us a nice start to begin with for we didn't even know how the names of the plants fitted.

Thank you very much indeed and good luck with your Orchid page and all the rest!

With regards,

J.M. R and J.J. B


Now that Christmas is over, I have checked your plant further.

I cannot find illustrations, but you may be interested to know that the plant D. binnendijkii was first named in 1865 by Reichenback Junior. The same year, but presumably earlier, it had also been named D. flabellum. It was renamed Desmotrichum binnendijkii in 1910 by the German botanist Kranzlin. and also Callistra bunnendijkii slightly earlier in 1891

I believe both the later names are probably not accepted in terms of current taxonomy, but without access to any later data I cannot be certain of this.

Schlechter notes that flabellum was found in forests in the Koro District although he notes that in 1911 it was found growing in the Buitenzorg Botanic Garden in Java. The distribution is noted to be the Malacca Peninsula, Sunda Islands, Siam and Celebes.

I trust this additional information assists.

With kind regards and good luck with your search



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