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I came upon "Phil's Orchid Site" seeking information.

I was given an Oncidium Orchid (I believe they're also called "Dancing Ladies"), and it sits on my desk where I work. I've had it for a couple of months now. It's been pretty dry and warm in the office and I keep a small fan in the area (not knowing it was a good thing!). However, the flowers are starting to fall now and some of the branches are turning brown--is this normal? Should I cut off these sections, or are they expected to flower again? The orchid is in a plastic container with rocks and some sort of wood chips and it's placed in a ceramic type pot. I normally lift the plastic container to check if watering is needed--I water it only when it's light when I lift it. I was probably wrong in watering from the top, but the roots looked dry.

I intend to bring it home before the weather changes and repot it.

Tell me please should I cut down the branches to the bulb?

I appreciate your most immediate reply and any suggestions!

Thanks much,

 Hi Diane

Yes, the oncidiums do not reflower once all the buds have opened.

Once the flowers are over, cut the flower stalk back to close to the pseudobulb. If some fo the side branches finish before others, they can also be cut earlier to keep the pleasant appearance of the plant.

You should get more flowers next year.


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