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Subject: Plant will not flower
From: Shirley
Date sent: Mon, 23 Jul 2001

Dear Phil,

I live in Christchurch. and have an orchid growing inside.

We are in East Ch.Ch., and I don't know anything about these plants. When I bought th eplant in Nelson nearly 2 years ago, it had lots of flowers on it, but hasn't done so since then. There are lots of new shoots, long green "leaves", but no flowers. Some shoots had been cut, and I can't find out why, do I have to cut some off to encourage flowers, and how to just generally look after it properly.

I have it in a warm suuny spot, and feed it once a week with just general plant food.

What, if anything, amd I doing wrong, and how do I correct things??

With many Thanks,
Hi Shirlley

I presume the plant is a cymbidium and I suggest that you check the cultural pages on my web site.

For cymbidiums to flower well, they need to be grown cool and moist during the summer, and cool and dry durung the winter.

If it is kept inside during the summer the flowers often do not form. Growing too warm during the summer is a major cause of non-flowering.

During the summer period it is ideal to grow outsie in the shade of the tree with dappled sunlight. But you must remember to water regularly, especially with your hot dry north-west winds

Have a read of the cymbidium cultural pages, and check the flower picutures and let me know if the flower does not look like the
cymbidiums illustrated, if it does not look the same, it must be something else. !!

If you still ahve any questions, get back to me

With kind regards



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