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Subject: ''My lovely flowers'' NZ
Date sent: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 19:31:10 +1300

Hello ,
I was left a few orchid plants when we bought a house in Hastings. 3 have flowered but I know very little about this lovely plant.
I would like to know

when to cut the flower,

when to repot them and

whatever else I need to know about the plant.

Look forward to your reply.


Hi Naiekara

You can cut the flower at any time. It will generally last as long off the plant as on. Repot after flowering is completed. See the repotting page on my site for directions.

If you look at the seasonal culture or monthly culture pages - under culture - you will find all the information you require. If you work through the culture sections on that for cymbidiums you should find the answers for all your questions. If after reading that information and you have any questions get back to me.

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With kind regards



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