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Subject: Culture question
From: USA
Date sent: Wed, 12 Dec 2001

I received an orchid for a gift. Please tell me how to care for it.

Thank you

It is difficult to give you specific advice without knowing exactly what type of orchid it is. I presume by your mail address you are in USA and then it is likely to be of the cattleya alliance. Cultural advice coverilng basic matters is available on my site at

There are some general cultural pages on the site which you should also read. All cultural pages are listed at

The seasonal culture advice at may also
assist. That is for cymbidiums, but the general recommendations will still give you a good idea of what is required.

From the cultural pages you will also find references to things such as repotting and fertilisers which you will eventually find of assistance.
If you are able to find out what type of orchid you have, general guide- lines for most of the commonly cultivated genera are listed on which may also be worth referring to.

You will appreciate that with so many different orchids I cannot be more specific. If you know what you have, then you may want to get back to me. If it is in flower, you may be able to generally identify it from the illustrations from my extensive photo gallery which can be accessed at

Good luck with the plant.

With kind regards



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