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From: Len

Subject: Dend. Pitero Gold "Toyko Gold Rush"
Date sent: Wed, 6 Dec 2000

Good evening Phil,

I was hoping that you may be able to help me. Melanie had a Dendrobium Pitero Gold "Toyko Goldrush" (hope I spelt the name correctly, but that is how it appears on the hand written name tag) which brought back to New Zealand from the World Orchid Conference in Toyko in the 70's. However, it has not survived.

My question is where would I be able to get a new plant for her as a surprise Christmas present.

Is there any specialist in the South Island (Christchurch) that would have the plant or would I have to contact a nursery on the North Island?

Your help would be most appreciated.



P.P.S. The information you gave me on the oncid. was excellent. We got the orchid to flower for t
he first time in 15 years.


Hi Len

A very difficult question

As a cross made and generaally marketed overseas it is unlikely that the cross would be available in this country. You could try
Tuckers Nursery in Auckland, and L and R Orchids in Tuakau to see if they have it, as sometimes overseas seedlings are available
here, but apart from that I cannot really give any other suggestions.

Your best alternative is to see if either of the above have anything similar. John Campbell in Christchurch may be another point of contact as I used to have a quite large range of material, but I am not sure what he currently has - or if in fact he still operates as I have not heard anything about him for some years.

I was interested to see the photos. Unfortunately especially with hybrids if you loose the label it is virtually impossible to re-identify
with any degree of accuracy.

Sorry I can't be of more assistance

with best wishes




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