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From: Sue
Subject: Excellent site!
Date sent: Sat, 8 Sep 2001

I am a frequent visitor to your site, it has been instrumental in improving my culture and enabling me to flower some Onc. that I couldn't before (like forbesii & gardneri, still working on crispum and enderianum but at least they're growing lots better than before, again thanks to the tips on your site (e.g. mounting enderianum on rotting wood--wow, what a difference that made, it was miserable in a pot but the moment I put it on the decaying piece of wood it dug its roots in and beamed from ear to ear, has no leaf spots any more and the best roots imaginable!)

Was interested in the Jack Fowlie piece on Onc. crispum that was published in the Orchid Digest in 1976, do you know where I might find a copy of that article? Crispum is the one that I still haven't been able to make flower, so I'm trying to get all the info possible on it.

Again, thanks for your site, it is a joy to visit, you can't imagine the hours of pleasure it has provided me.

Ipswich, MA 01938 (USA)
Hi Sue

Thank you for your message and nice comments. I am pleased that you have found it of assistance.

The Crispa Oncidiums are great once you master their requirements.

Jack Fowlie's articles are excellent. You may be able to obtain back copies direct from the Orchid Digest contact Robert L. Miller 1801North C Street, Oxnardia 93030 as he handles the back issues. (Check recent issues of the Orchid Digest as addresses can change}

If you have no luck thee contact McQuerry Orchid Books 5700 W Salerno Road, jacksonville Fl 32244-2354 who stocks old books and publications.

There are several articles on the group By Jack Fowlie in the Orchid Digest as he provided further information later on several species which you may also like to look at

Thanks again and I hope you are able to obtain the issues

With kind regards


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