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I am a student at Unitec, Auckland and am curently carrying out a research project on commerical orchid production and was hoping you could answer a few questions for me as there is very little infirmation avaibale.

Could you tell me
- The flowering season start to finish
- what happends to the plants after they have finised flowering
- How effective is the current commercial management practices in
achieving a) optimum production volumes b) production timing for market
needs and c) quality criteria.

 Subject: Re: Orchid stuff

Hi L****

1. You do not mention the type of orchid you are considering. I presume it is cymbidiums. The flowering season is for most of the year, but the main commercial season is mid autumn to the spring.

The plants can continue to grow and flower for many years, so they are maintained and nurtured form next seasons production.

There are many successful cymbidium orchid export flower nurseries. With proper management they can be very successful, and with the correct selection of clones can meet most production criteria successfully.

You may wish to look at the culture pages on my web site to see the main growing issues

Details of other genera can also be found on this site on the appropriate pages - cattleyas, paphiopedilum etc.

I trust this assists



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