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 From: "Kaja " <>
Subject: What's its name?
Date sent: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 23:46:28 +0200


I am Kaja from Italy. A month or so ago I bought this wonderful plant that goes on flowering since then although according to my poor knowledge about this plant it should stop and rest. What is this plant's name and is there anything particular I should know about it and its care? This is the first orchid I have but as it seems to like my company I am determined to find out more about it and take the best care I can.

Many thanks in advance about your advice.
 Hi Kaja

What a great display !!!

To assist with identification, are the flowers in a long bunch like grapes, or do they arise from the pseudobubls singularly or in groups of
only 2 - 3 flowers. There are so many in the photo I cannot clearly see.

It will be from the Callista section of the Dendrobium section of the genus dendrobium

If you can get back to me on the above I can be more precise and also give some cultural information



Date sent: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 08:48:05 +0200

Sooo many thanks for your answer! As my English is certainly not as good as yours (I am from Estonia originally) I send you another photo rather than depicting what the flowerstems look like. All the stems are full of lowers on each side and they all seem to come out of the same bulb.

Have a nice day!
By the way me and my man planned to come to see your country in a couple of months time as many well travelled people say it is definitely the most beautiful one they've seen. Lucky you.


Date sent: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 19:59:19 +1200

Hi Kaja

Thanks for the message and photo.

I believe the plant is from the Dendrobium section of the genus dendrobium. It is most probably Dendrobium chrysanthum, although without seeing the plant that identification must be with some reservations.

The plant is native of the Foothills of the Himalayas in ne india, Nepal, Myamnar, Thailand Laos and Vietnam and The Yunnan Province of China. It is subject to a seasonal climate. To find more information on this, check the following link and then on the left menu click on the FOOTHILL MONSOONAL HABITAT.

It is said to require intermediate conditions. Watering should be reduced in the winter, the plants not dried out completely as is done to some others species in this section. It is often said best grown on a slab, but if in a pot needs an open compost. It appreciates bright filtered light and good air movement for continued health.

I hope this information assists.

I hope that you have a good trip to NZ. There is a lot to see in a very small area. If you need any information get back to me

With kind regards


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