Question and Answer

 From: Gerardo
Subject: Hello from Mexico
Date sent: Tue, 2 Oct 2001

You have a great site.

Can you give me some advice in where can I get the book Phapiopedilum Growers Manual (Birk, 1982) and some related
commercial site so i can buy some paphios.

I have a collction in Mexico of some 200 and i think is the largest paph. collection in mexico. I want to promote them.

Have a nice day.
Hi Gerardo

thanks for your comments etc.

To purchase Birk's book, I suggest you contact Mary Noble McQuerry McQuerry Orchid Books 5700 W Salerno Road, Jcksonville Fl 32244-2354 USA

I have found her good to deal with and if she does not have new copies often she has good second hand ones

For commercial paph sites I suggest you check some of the web directories or obtain the Orchid Digest or AOS magazine and check the adverts there. There are plenty of suppliers, but I have not had contact with any as we cannot easily import plants into this country

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