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 From: Martin <>
Subject: Black Orchids
Date sent: Wed, 20 Feb 2002

I need to know what the darkest colored orchids are and how to find them.

I'm getting married and wish to have them in my bridal bouquet.

Thank you for any information.

There are some dark red and brown orchids, but there are no black You would need to talk to a florist but getting dark colours are difficult

There is an alternative. Florists are able to use colouring sprays to produce specific coloured flowers, and they may be able to produce a
black flower if you talk to them. You will need to visit and talk to the florist to see what they can do.

You may want to contact local orchid nurseries to see if they have any really dark flowers that they may not normally send to the market.

I am afraid there is no easy solution to your query.

Good luck with your search


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