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From: k.g>
Subject: pine bark
Date sent: Tue, 9 Oct 2001

We heard through a friend that Pine Bark is a suitable medium for growing orchids in. As our business is a mobile sawmill we regularly mill Old Man Pine with large quantities of bark. Would there be a market for this product through the Orchid Growers community, or is this something that is readily available at present?

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Kath and Gary

Thanks for the message

There is a market for bark although there are good supplies around.

Most of the bark available is from young trees, and if you have bark from old trees then this could be quite sought after. Usually it is chopped through a hammer mill to a suitable size and for orchid growing it is usually treated with fertiliser and lime to reduce the acidity. There could well be a local market but I cannot fully comment on that. If you were interested in supplying it may be worth contacting members of the local orchid society to discuss in detail

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