The Oncidium Section WALUEWA

This Section comprises 20 species, the plants having conspicuous pseudobulbs which are formed close together. The dorsal sepal and petals are spreading, the dorsal sepal usually hooded. The column is covered by short hairs, with a bow- shaped, forward projecting fleshy arm on each side of the stigma being distinctive.2

The species included are albinii, amictum, chrysorhapis, cornigerum, cruciatum, fimbriatum, gilvum, leinigii, lietzei, polyodontum pubes, pyxidiphorum, remotiflorum, riograndense, spegazzinianum, truncatum, venustum, verrucosissimum, waluewa and widgrenii 2

One. pubes is a variable species, autumn flowering.6 lt produces clustered, somewhat cylindrical tapering pseudobulbs, about 50 to 60 mm long. The 600 mm long inflorescence is rather densely many flowered. Each flower is usually less than 25 mm in diameter, sepals and petals usually red-brown, barred and spotted with yellow. It has been cultivated since 1824.1

Oncidium pubes

Onc. lietzei is another autumn flowering species producing numerous, not fully expanding bright reddish-brown, sometimes yellow spotted flowers on a slender scape 800 to 1000 mm long. The 50 to 125 mm high pseudobulbs are usually one leaved, clothed for half their length with whitish sheaths.6 This is a free flowering and growing species that produces a compact colourful display.

Oncidium lietzii var. bicolor

Onc. waluewa is a "pretty species" having 6 to 9, 20 mm flowers showing greenish white sepals, petals creamish white with irregular purple bands. The lip is yellowish- white spotted red.7

Brazil is the home of the species of this Section. The plants in the main are compact, and grow and flower freely. When mounted on a punga slab they appreciate a reasonably long root run, and like intermediate conditions. Because they are largely dormant over the winter, they can withstand cooler conditions over that period, provided they are kept fairly dry.

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