The Oncidium Section Verrucituberculata

A group of seven species, anomalum, auriferum, batemanianum, callistum, discobulbon, donianum and foveatum. These plants have conspicuous leaf bearing pseudobulbs. The sepals and petals are spreading, somewhat similar. The lateral sepals are free to their base, and are shorter than the lip. The disc of the lip has several disconnected accessory -protuberances on both sides of the callus consisting of an uneven number of tubercules. The rostellum is short.2

One. batemanianum is a beautiful and distinct though somewhat variable species, growing about 450 mm high, producing erect racemes of large branched panicles showing flowers with sepals and broader petals brownish purple, with a large clear yellow lip. Described as a shy flowering plant, but one worth growing on account of its beautiful bright yellow flowers which are produced at different times of the year. 7 A Brazilian species, it is cool growing, and has been cultivated since 1840. 6 It has somewhat oval pseudobulbs 75 to 100 mm long, vaguely angled when old. The two to three leaves are 175 to 225 mm long. The inflorescence can reach 900 to 1,200 mm long, rather many flowered, each flower to some 30 mm long.

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