The Oncidium Section Serpentia

This comprises three species: globuliferum, sancti-Pauli, and serpens, although a fourth (Onc. harlingii) is now listed by Stacy.5 Like those species in the Pullvinata Section, the flowers produce fleshy sepals and membranaceous petals and lip. The pseudobulbs are however conspicuous, leaf bearing, very remote on a long, slender, wiry twining rhizome.2

Oncidium globuliferum

For globuliferum, Hawkes 1 notes the pseudobuibs are produced at considerable intervals on a very elongate rhizome, which is often many feet in length, forming a tangled mass. It is noted that young plants often form on the old or abortive flowering scapes.6 Cooler growing, this species comes from Costa Rica to Venezuela and Peru.1 There are 1 - 2 short single flowered scapes, each flower 30 mm long, 25 mm wide, the sepals and petals yellow barred reddish-brown, the very large lip bright yellow. 6
The species are native of Costa Rica, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.

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