The Oncidium Section PULVINATA

This Section of five species includes divaricatum, harrisonianum, pulvinatum, robustissimum and sphegiferum. These plants have somewhat fleshy sepals. The petals and lip are membranaceous except for the callus. The pseudobulbs are small with a prominent terminal leaf enclosed by a non-leaf-bearing bract. The leaves have flat blades; somewhat fleshy in texture. The crest of the lip resembles a cushion, and is covered by soft downy hairs. 2

Onc. divaricatum

Robustissimum is described by Williams7 as having "large flowers, the lip has the anterior part of the blade as broad as the lateral ones, the sepal and petals yellow at the top, brown at the bottom. The yellow lip has broad cinnamon coloured stripes". Native of Brazil, it has been cultivated since 1888.6

All of the species of this Section are native of Brazil. The plants described
6 as being free flowering, compact growers producing flowers that remain a long time in perfection as such they make suitable additions to most collections

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