The Oncidium Section Paucituberculata

These plants have conspicuous leaf bearing pseudobulbs which are clustered together. The flowers have sepals and petals which are spreading, less than 5 mm long. The lip has distinct lateral lobes, broadly rounded at their base, the disc provided with an even number of keels. The column is short, bearing small car-like appendages, and a short rosteuum. The flowers are minute. 2

Eight species are listed: aberrans, amoenum, edwallii, hookeri, kraenziinianum, loefgrenii, paranaense, and raniferum.

The listed 2 species are indicated as being native of Brazil. Onc. hookeri has small flowers, the petals and sepals oblong, nearly equal, yellow, the petals spotted orange. The lip is three lobed, its base orange or chestnut. It produces a 150 to 450 mm panicled scape in the autumn. 6

Onc. raniferum produces small bright yellow flowers, the sepals and petals of which are bent back. The lip bears a large orange-red crest. The many flowered scape is 175 mm or more long, sparinpy branched. Pseudobulbs are clustered, 25 to 50 mm long, tapered and two leaved.

Oncidium raniferum

These require cool, moist conditions, in themain coming from quite high mountain habitats. The habitat pages can be usefully referred to, although littpe specific cultural information is available. .


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