The Oncidium Section Onusta

Another Section, established by Garay and Stacy in their 1974 review, 2 again on a single species, onustum. This Section is botanically identified by the plants produc-ing more or less well developed pseudobuibs, either with an aborted terminal appendage, or with normally developed leaves. The leaves are leathery or fleshy with a bluntly serrated edge towards the apex. The flower sepals and petals are spreading. The lip has distinct lateral lobes, the column is short with auricies and a short rostellum. The Section is closely allied to the Oncidium Section.2

Onc. onustum
, according to Van der Pijl and Dodson, 26 is native of the coastal deserts of Ecuador, where it grows on a cactus. It would appear that culturally this species would respond to conditions appropriate to the Section Oncidium and Ceboletae; the Dictionary of Gardening 6 indicating this is related to the species tetrapetalum of the Oncidiurn Section.

The plants need intermediate conditions, and growers should allow them to dry between waterings, and give good air movement. Onustum has been in cultivation since 18481 and is also reported from Panama. 6 This is an attractive small compact plant which produces a good display, and which could find a place in any collection.

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