The Oncidium Section BARBATA

The 13 species listed 2 in this Section have conspicuous leaf bearing pseudobulbs. The flowers have spreading sepals and petals, the lateral sepals variably joined, and are larger than the lip. The lip has in most cases sharp pointed teeth on the margins pointing outwards, or a fringed isthmus. The disc has an uneven number of serial or scattered tubercules. The rostellum is short.2

The species included are barbatum, ciliatum, croesus, emilii, eurycline, herzogii, longipes, micrepogon, ochmatochilum, reductum, trichodes, unicolor, and uniflorum.

The type species of the Section is barbatum. This has clustered broadly oval com- pressed pseudobulbs 50-60 mm long. There is a solitary leaf, glossy, to 100 mm long. The inflorescence is slender, erect or arching, to about 350 mm tall, usually slightly panicled and few flowered near its apex. Each flower is 25 to 35 mm long, waxy, yellow, blotched or spotted chocolate brown, the lip vivid yellow, the crest red dotted. Spring flowering, it is native of Brazil.1 Wffiiams 7 describes "a pretty dwarf compact habited plant".

Oncidium barbatum

Both One. eurycline and longipes are indicated as being pretty dwarf growing species producing short racemes of flowers in great abundance.(7) This is another Section containing small attractive plants suitable for those with restricted growing space.

These species are indicated to be requiring intermediate conditions. For Onc. barbatum, Williams 7 indicates it succeeds best on a block, but that it must have good attention to the supply of water at its roots. This species is from the monsoonal foothill mountain habitat, and this informaiton can be usefully referred to for broad cultural guidelines. Its requirements for a seasonal dry/moist enfironment should be noted.


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