The plants in this grouping are largely unknown locally, and therefore will be discussed only briefly.

Ada aurantica is the type of the Ada genus, and is probably the most desirable horticulturally. This plant is not commonly cultivated now, but in Victorian times it was popular, producing extremely showy long spikes of 8 to 12 brilliant orange-red flowers. This species has also been given the following names at various times: Brassia cinnabarinum, Oncidium cinnabarinum, Mesospinidium cinnabarinum, Ada aurantica var. punctata and Ada aurantica var maculata.

Brassia allenii, from Panama, and recently found in Colombia. This species has a distinctive vegetative form. Its pseudobulbs are reduced to such an extent that they appear to be absent, with large leathery basal bracts arranged in two opposite rows.

B. chlorops, also known as B. parviflora, is also from Colombia and Panama.

B. elegantula, synonym Oncidium elegantulum, is from Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

B. farififera is a rare Ecuadorian species.

B. glumacea, also called Binbricata, Oncidium glumaceum, Oncidium imbricatum, is a widely distributed South American species.

B. keiliana, also known as B. cinnamonea, havanensis, keiliana var. tristis, and Oncidium kelianum, is one of the largest flowered members of the genus and the showiest of the Glumaceas. Tip to tip the flowers are up to 125 mm in length with rich red-brown colour schemes. It comes from Colombia, Venezuela, and has a distinctive callus.

B. ocanensis, synonyms B. spathacea, Oncidium oceanense, 0. spathaceum, is another widespread species found in the Andean regions. There are several other species closely allied to this (which may be only geographical variants of a variable race) being escobariana and euodes.

All of the species of Brassias in this Section have been placed in the genus Ada by some botanists.

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