The following is a list of the dendrobium species. The information is provisional, as much of the data has not yet been confirmed. The information is presented as a service to growers, but there may well be some errors in the data. Dendrobium is one of the largest of all orchid genera, and is not well understood. Much of the information - especially the sectional classification - is based on old taxonomic analysis, but it should still be of use.

Plants from the same section are likely to require the same or similar cultural conditions, and these listings will assist in ascertaining the appropriate culture requirements. It is intended to list the main cultural conditions appropriate to each section in the future.

Some of the Sections have been elevated to the status of their own genus, and where this has occurred this is noted in the lists.

Some changes may not have universal acceptance, and further changes can be anticipated over the next few years.

Some sections have been used by only one author. Their information is included as the grouping information can be of interest. Until a comprehensive review of the genus is completed and a full review of all sections is available I have retained the classifications of earlier authors at this stage. That included in the new Dendrobium book (ref. 27) should, however, be taken as indicative of a 'modern' view pending more studies.

The information includes

  1. Species The species or name included in the reference publication. Not all species are shown, there is not universal agreement on the species, and there is a need for a definitive study of this genus. Where a species has multiple listings, the reference source should be noted.

  2. Synonyms The synonym where given. Where nothing is listed, the noted author believes the plant is a valid species.

  3. Section reference The Section reference - see SECTIONS PAGE

  4. Section The Dendrobium section to which the species belongs. There is not agreement in all cases of the appropriate section each plant belongs to, and multiple listings indicates the different conclusions of each author as noted in the last column. For list of sections refer to SECTIONS PAGE

  5. Reference The reference source - SEE REFERENCE PAGE.

The frames version of the dendrobium series includes a sort on the basis of the relevant sections, with the species listed within those sections.

Not a lot of cultural information is available for these plants. However, if you are growing a species successfully, as those plants in each section generally will require similar growing conditions, selection of other species with that section will usually also be successful.. These pages will assist you in making this choice.

Halle, in his Flora of New Caledonia - Orchidaceae, has listed a number of dendrobiums in a series of groups. This information is also listed in this series for your information.

There are a number of species for which information on their appropriate section is not available from the data available. For completeness, a list of these species is shown for your information.

I trust this further information is of interest and assistance.



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