l. b Section Borneense

l. b. I Cym borneense J. J. Wood

The species  Cym borneense, a highly unusual one, necessitated the establishment of this section with the publication of Du Puy and Cribb's book.                                                                                                                                     )

l. b. I    Cym borneense J. J. Wood

First described in 1983, this species appears to be endemic to Northern Sarawak. It is described as being a medium sized terrestrial, with pseudobulbs 80 x 15 mm. The 6 to 13 leaves are 400 to 800 mm long, somewhat coriacaeous, arching. The scape is 160 to 180 mm long, somewhat erect, with 3 to 5 flowers. The flowers are relatively small, 40 mm across, coconut scented, the sepals and petals cream with a narrow white margin, strongly stained and blotched with maroon-purple, especially on the centre. The lip is white speckled with maroon, the mid lobe with some maroon blotches with a pale yellow patch at the base.

It is found in rainforest in deep shade, in humus rich soils over limestone or ultra-basic rocks, often near streams. It flowers in early to mid spring in Sabah, autumn in Sarawak. It occurs from 150 to 1300 metres above sea level.

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