• We are now well into winter. Flowering will now be in full swing, note the information on spike management. Enjoy your plants, bring them inside, but wait till the buds are open. If you bring them in early, the higher temperatures can cause bud drop.

  • Under colder outside conditions, water usage will be reduced; ;inside with dryer atmosphere conditions usually experienced, more frequent watering will be required.

  • Plant growth will be slow. If some is evident, continued application of weak nitrogenous fertiliser will be appropriate. - say once a month. If no growth is apparent, no applications would be required.  Always adjust applications to the growth activity actually taking place, little during the winter and plenty during the spring and summer.

  • Try and shelter plants at this time of the year. If no glasshouse is available, keep in a porch or at least place under a sheet of plastic to divert the worst ot he rain. Protect5t from cold winds if possible

  • You will not be thinking of repotting during the spring once new growth commences. It is not too early to get in your supplies of pots, mix etc. It is worth looking at your plants now to consider where repotting and/or division may be necessary.



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