•  Winter is here, bringing colder weather, but also (hopefully) many flowers from the earlier cymbidium clones.

  • Watering is important. Plans in flower and in growth can be watered more frequently than those not showing activity. Try and relate the frequency of watering to the requirements of each particular plant. To try and preserve even reduced root activity plants grown 'cold' should be grown somewhat dryer than normal, especially during the coldest weather. All plants not in a glasshouse should be in a protected situation where the old winds are excluded and where rain is diverted from the plants. Any 'tube' growths can rot off if try fill with water from rain or watering at this time of the year, when this remains overnight during cold weather
  •  Developing spikes must be staked and protected from breakage. Allow natural form to develop and adjust light levels appropriate for each colour and clone - refer spike management page for more information.

  • Spotting in insect damage to flowers can occur. With lower evening temperatures, humidity will increase, especially after a warm day. Therefore good ventilation and air movement is essential. The use of fans, especially in glasshouses running all night, is recommended. Water on some flowers can lead to rapid disfiguration in some cases. Where this is known to occur all overhead watering must be excluded.

  • ;Keep slug and snail baits about, and the use of a powdered insecticide should eliminate any major problems.

  • Whether taken into your home or to meetings or shows, some attention to some final details will ensure the presentation of the plant and its flowers to best advantage. With may months taken already to flower a plant, taking a few extra minutes now to prepare the plant for exhibition at shows or in your own home is surely well worthwhile.

  • Ensure the pot is clean will all moss, stains, and dirt removed

  • remove any dead leaves, old leaf bases from the pseudobulbs, generally tidying up the plant overall

  • clean the foliage of old spray residues, dirt, dust etc. Remember when wiping down the foliage to hold the leaves by their bases, and wipe from base to tip. The leaves, especially from the newer growths, can be easily pulled off if care is not exercised.

  • Ensure the plant is correctly and clearly labelled, with the name of the plant, and the name of the grower if it is put on display at meetings or shows

  • ensure the stakeing of the spikes is sufficient to hold them during transport and staging at a show or in the home

  • Do not bring a plant in spike into your home before the flowers are fully open. If the night temperatures are above some 14 degrees celsius this can cause the buds to yellow and fall off; once they are fully open ;this problem does not arise..



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