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The frames series pages have now all been revised using a similar design basis for earlier interpretation.
Non frames pages can be accessed but not all of these have been updated.
the use of the frames series only is recommended.


Monthly Cultural Calendar for cymbidiums and other orchids plus a range of other pages of assistance to growers. Includes information on other genera; lycaste, phalaenopsis together with pages on books, photography, NZ native orchids and more

NEW Cymbidium species a discussion of the species, habitats, etc.

Anguloa and Lycaste series, species, culture etc.

Photo gallery A comprehensive gallery of some 300 orchid photographs with alphabetical list of images and grouped by genera for easy reference.


a selection of Australian Native Orchids, especially photos of those from Western Australia, but includes a number of others from the East Coast.

Spectacular 3D sterio photographs of a number of orchids and other photographs with special instructions of how to view them.

Dendrobium species A list of the main dendrobium species and the sections to which they belong. The pages show the species in alphabetical order with sections and references. New pages (not included in the original non frames version) list the sections and include the species included in those sections by the various authors. The frames version also includes some basic cultrual information. The non frames version has not been updated with this additional material

Flower illustrations of a number of species are being introduced into the lists; a process that will continue.

Orchid Habitats A discussion of the main orchid habitats of the world from the perspective of the characteristics of the monsoonal habitats of most orchids, and the differences with the non-monsoonal habitats of temperate areas such as New Zealand.

Question and Answer archive I have been asked many cultural questions and a number with general application and interest are published in this archive.

General articles in series on a number of orchid matters and aspects - Editorials from Orchids in NZ, An Orchidists Miscellany, and other articles of general interest - including details and culture of Brassia and Miltonias/miltoniopsis.

The Cattleya Alliance #1 Cattleyas - BASIC CULTURE FOR CATTLEYAS AND OTHER ASSOCIATED GENERA Basic culture on a SEASONAL BASIS of these popular plants. Detailed notes follow on specific recommendations the for successful culture of a number of associated genera
The Cattleya Alliance #2 Basic culture supplement - LAELIAS
The Cattleya Alliance #3 Basic culture supplement - SCHOMBURGKIA
The Cattleya Alliance #4 Basic culture supplement - BRASSAVOLA
The Cattleya Alliance #5 Basic culture supplement - Encyclia and epidendrum
The Cattleya Alliance #6 Basic culture supplement - Barkeria
The Genus Barkeria
a general discussion of the genus
The Cattleya Alliance #7 Basic culture supplement - Sophronitis
NEW The Gen;us Sophronitis only on this frames version

Photographic slide show= cattleya alliance

Oncidiums, sections and species An extensive and unique review of the oncidium genus, covering the sections and species, with details of habitats and culture. Includes Miltonia, Miltoniopsis, Brassia, Eubrassia Ada

Paphiopedilums Sections, species and culture in a detailed series on this popular genus. Natural habitats discussed. Many photographic illustrations

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