Culture fundamentals



The culture of cymbidiums
is not difficult provided their basic needs are provided.

The following points are worth emphasising, however:

1. Do not pamper the plants too much. They are quite tough. Give PLENTY OF WIND AND AIR during the summer to ensure flowers are initiated. If kept sheltered in a hot enclosed porch or glasshouse during the summer, flowers probably will not be produced, this being a common cause of non-flowering.

Do not keep too shaded. The plant foliage should be a light yellow green. If deep green, give more light. During the summer light dappled mid-day sun is desirable, as, for example, provided by the outer branches of a tree. Morning and evening full sun does no harm. During the rest of the year little shading should be required, especially in the autumn, other than necessary for controlling flower colour.

3. Cymbidiums are
gross feeders—maintain a programme of plant FERTILISATION. Under heavy fertilising regimes, closer attention to watering is required to avoid problems with salt buildup and dangerous concentrations developing if the mix is allowed to dry.

4. Properly
WATER the plants. This will vary during the year, although will soon be mastered. Any lapses in this regard can retard plant growth, and possibly future flower production.

5. Remember, cymbidiums naturally come from habitats subject to the summer monsoons They require COOL, WET, SHADED, SUMMERS and COOL, DRY, BRIGHT, WINTERS. As these conditions are different from what temperatue countires such as NZ naturally recieve, thei particular requirements of the plants need to be provided under our culture.

6. Good luck with your plants—show everyone how successful you have been, and enjoy these magnificent flowers.