Celebrations of Spirit in Nature


The Woolshed is a place for celebrations of Spirit in Nature. Full Moon is observed on the full moon of each month from 7pm. The eight great Seasonal Festivals are celebrated thoughout the wheel of the year.

These eight great festivals are held as a community festival and meeting point for diverse creeds and cultures to honour the turning of the year and give thanks for its abundance. On the day (or night) people can bring stories, poems, songs, dances, readings, insights etc to contribute to the theme. The ceremonies are followed by pot-luck feasting to which everyone contributes.

Lughnasadh Druid Camp 2013
Heart of the Tribe
Thursday 17th January to Tuesday 22nd January

Lughnasadh Druid Camp is is held at the beautiful Woolshed, Pukerua Bay, overlooking Kapiti Island. The aim of this camp is to enable individuals and families to take part in a community event, deepen their spiritual understanding through conversation and workshops, and have a wondrous, fun-filled relaxing time! So come and pitch your tent and join us in the sun.

Download Camp Imformation and Booking Form HERE.

Saturday/Sunday 12th/13th January

These are the two days we will need before Camp starts. The main focus is to prepare the site and the facilities – getting rid of thistles and gorse, preparing the barn for kitchen use, weed-eating the Grove and its path and assisting Nicola Treloar build the Camp bread/pizza oven etc.  If these jobs are not for you, don’t worry there are plenty of gentler jobs to be done!  Let’s all pitch in to make this the best Camp ever! Please let Richard pohutukawa63@gmail.com
0275 440409) or me (Pamela - 04 2399234) know if you can help.
Please bring lunch to share. Accommodation available Saturday night if desired.


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