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121th Superiority Fighter Squadron: Reapers

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Motto: Mors Celerima Hostibus (A Swift Death to the Enemy)

Date of Commissioning: 2672.108

Roles: Space Superiority, Interception

Spacecraft: Retaliator class Superiority Fighter

Commanding Officer: Lt. Colonel Chrys 'Mirage' Rhodes

Executive Officer: Major Warren 'Striker' Hudson

Operations Officer: Major Lee 'Merlin' Xiang

Squadron Profile:

The 121th make no bones about the fact that they're Battlegroup Valkyrie's elite fighter squadron. The unit was formed nearly 10 years ago, just before the Border Worlds Conflict. The 121th was made up of experianced pilots drawn from other squadrons, and originally assigned to the Circe System. The squadron distinguished itself in the battle to control Circe, claiming over two dozen kills for the loss of only three fighters. In fact, the name 'Reapers' was originally coined by the Confed pilots who took such heavy losses at the hands of the 121th.

Since the Battle for Circe, the 121th has fought against the Kilrathi and the Black Lance, as well as doing extensive patrol and peacekeeping duty on the frontier. They also played a major role in fighting off the Kilrathi invasion of the Bush. This makes them one of the most experianced fighter squadrons in the Border Worlds Navy, or in any navy for that matter. The squadron has recently been expanded from eight pilots to eighteen. The competion to join this elite unit was fierce, ensuring that only the best pilots were picked, and making the Reapers even more more deadly in combat.

The 121th's pilots mainly fly space superiority missions. Their job is to hunt down and destroy as many enemy fighters as possible, as quickly as possible, and as often as possible. Lt. Colonel Rhodes keeps the squadron practicing their skills constantly, as she knows there's no room for complacency. This makes the Reapers very good at what they do, and the pilots are every bit as deadly and ruthless as their namesake. They're looking forward to adding a lot more victims to their tally while serving with Battlegroup Valkyrie.