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February 3, 2004
From VICTOR ZAMMIT  (featured in our Editorial)

Your report looks most impressive. One has to keep in mind of course that
 in the book I was addressing the Judge, not the jury (different techniques are
 applied to jury who would know nothing about the rules of evidence – as the
judge would). The idea being that for every empirical area of evidence presented –
 I would call my expert witnesses to explain and demonstrate (by way of
examination in chief) the phenomenal evidence to be subject to cross examination
by the skeptics. For example, in the Electronic Voice Phenomenon and Instrumental
 Transcommunication I would call leading experts (ideally) from around the world
 – which would include Mark Macy, Rev Lisa and Tom Butler, (US), Sonia
Rinaldi from Brazil, and other highly credible from Italy, France and Germany.

 And so I would do the same with some other 20 areas of what I technically
call ‘objective’ evidence. The closed minded skeptics would then try to cross
-examine on everything stated and demonstrated.

In some seven years the closed minded skeptics have not rebutted the
evidence I presented and the work of the cited experts. When they tried,
 they did not present their rebuttals in an admissible way. There are rigid
enforceable rules to strictly adhere to in professional debate. I had a lot to
 do with some of the toughest, meanest and most aggressive closed minded
 skeptics in the world  – emailing each other on what is admissible and what
 is not. Being a lawyer gives me enormous (comparative) advantage.

It is important to disseminate the information on a global level – particularly
 the empirical evidence for the afterlife as I found that skeptics just cannot
cope with empirical research.

 I do think that Christians ought to support (as you are doing) those doing
empirical research to show the afterlife does in fact exists. Christianity has
 been saying this for around two thousand years. Now researchers are
giving empirical substance to what Christians hinted about the afterlife –
 but in more definitive detail.

I study the information which has been transmitted from the afterlife by
 higher entities – usually the contents will certainly indicate if the transmission
 is from a higher entity.  Silver Birch, though he criticizes Christian theology
– does state that Jesus was the most powerful spiritual entity who ever
 walked this planet earth. That is quite something coming from an independent

 We must reciprocate a link. Your webpage looks very impressive.





We, psychic investigators, will pursue any avenue, we will follow every legitimate lead, we will question, research, reason, investigate all forms of energy, probe into phenomena hitherto unexamined or unexplained, explore and examine anything, anywhere, anytime  to discover the truth – because truth - not faith will save us.


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