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GEORGE MOSS, England, writes

As regards Damascus I consider myself as unaccountably fortunate. I have had the inner
feeling/knowledge of spirit all my life. I think that has come from what I felt in my early life
to be inward contemplation ... with more modern progression and better vocablulary this
has become 'meditation'. I now know that meditation enhances soul-connection, the gateway
to God-connection and heaven. And let us not forget that it was the philosopher Immanuel
Kant who spoke of a priori knowledge and how it comes to us through 'the gates of heaven'.
He was really on the ball!

The feelings that I already had have been very heavily endorsed be my being a member
of the Kingsclere spirit communication group who for the past ten years have 'received'
from Salumet, a Master in spirit. (I think many will understand if I simply say on that that
Salumet teaches at the Jesus level). I attach the opening para to my forthcoming book on this:


‘Salumet’ … Source Teacher of the 21st Century

Edited and presented by George E Moss

On behalf of the Kingsclere Group who receive from spirit

Salumet is a Master in spirit from the ‘far soul integrations’. He has continued to come
through, for the past ten years on Monday evenings, to a spirit communication group
meeting in Kingsclere, Hampshire. He speaks through the full trance medium Eileen Roper,
teaching the ways of spirit and answering questions on a wide range of subjects. There is a
striking parallel with the Master known as White Eagle who came through Grace Cooke in
the mid-20th century. The Salumet mission to Earth began in June 1994. The objectives
have been twofold: to steer the world away from a course that had been taking us steadily
towards nuclear oblivion and to raise spiritual awareness as we proceed into the New
Millennium. His teaching is of that same Divine Source as Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, the
one who ‘revealed’ to St John in Revelation, the Divine Pymander of more ancient times
and other Masters … but Salumet’s words are for the world as it is today.

A more Earthly and less markedly heavenly tale is reported in my previous book
A Smudge in Time, pages 74-88. Although I was obliged to apply fictitious names
in the saga, I can assure that every detail is true!

Very best wishes for the New Year ... George.

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