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      THE DREAM.
It is early morning. I stand at the window overlooking Lake Taupo, Mount
Tauhara hazy across the water. A very familiar view, but I am suddenly aware
 that it is time to leave. Turning my back on the lake, I start walking away from
 the house.  I feel excited, I havent been this way before. There's a heady
 fragrance of flowering grasses - so strong on this dusty pumice soil! Poor farm
 land, then a gentle rise.  As I reach the top, I am surprised to see a large body
 of water at my feet. The water is still, very clear, lapping softly on to the
grass verge. There's a noise of an engine: I look up and see a ship near me
- a ferry?   The chop-chop of its large screw makes a long wake across the
 water. Odd the foam is tinged with pink... Looking closer I see dark shapes
 swimming just below the surface. The blades of the screw slice through some
 of them - the water shows read around the floating bits.. I scream "Stop!! you
are killing the fish!! But there's no-one on board. I remember that the ship
 crosses the sea each day, "As regular as clockwork" - it doesn't need people
... there is only me.. I kneel at the water's edge and watch the nearby shapes.
Some of them have fins that look just like arms - there's a head - legs - my
God! they are people!! People just lazily swimming, drifting face down - alive?
 I lean out and grab the nearest one, hauling it out on to the grass. It is dressed
 in some kind of wet suit, covering even its face. I tear at the fabric, freeing the
 face, body, legs. The eyes look dazedly into mine - he sits up, stands, and
 walks a few unsteady steps; sits down. "Thank you, thank you."he says.
Already I am pulling another shape to shore, But this one is just a fish, and
it dies as I free it. Deeply shocked, I sit back on my heels and consider -what
 now? I feel so guilty.. A third shape swims towards me and holds out its hand
. This one must be human!  I grasp its hand, and find myself  pulled forcefully
 towards the water -terrified, I resist -I'm up to my knees, slipping. Then I see
 an old post behind me on the shore. I can just reach it; with my free hand I hold
 on and hold on. Suddenly I am free. I fall back on the grass, panting.

Then I'm awake, breathing fast, feeling utterly bewildered.
All the next day I am busy wondering about this Nightmare.
 But I don't get anywhere. Pre-occupied I wander into the Centre's
Common Room, where groups of people are relaxing around the big
fireplace. I throw some logs on the fire, sit down on its tiled surrounds.
 Some people come over and I tell them my dream.
David and I have been at Tauhara Centre two and a half years. As its
 "guardians" we interview and register groups wishing to come; acquaint
them with the Centre's basic rules and purpose, and see to their
accommodation needs. We are the first managers of this new centre,
 it is a matter of trying out what works, safeguarding the centre, supporting
 attending groups and individuals. We are looking after everything, doing it
 well, but not always wisely. Some groups become hostile: our rules are too
 restrictive, we are not "spiritual" enough, or too oldfashioned. Perhaps, I think,
 it is time for others to take over. Six months later, we leave Tauhara.
Tauhara Centre has been a unique experience for us. Outwardly serene and very
 beautiful, it stands on the volcanic plateau, Mts Ruapehu, Tongariro and
Ngauruhoe on its right, Tauhara on its left, with Lake Taupo in front. The
 lake is a crater-lake: Looking down on its surface, one can see the constant
 movement of warmer waters rising from below. Lord Vulcan seems very much
alive here! And not just the environment: people involved in the Centre
experience an inner turmoil that leaves no-one untouched. Sometimes chaos
 is just the beat of a bird's wing away. (Tauhara Centre's symbol is an albatross
in flight!) In this context, what of the dream?  I have of course interpreted many
 of its symbols for myself.  I have of course, interpreted many of its symbols for
myself. But I would appreciate the comments of others.
The archetypal nature of this dream seems so much larger than my little life can
 hold.  Is it simply a warning not to meddle in other people's lives? What of the
 clockwork, lifeless ferry?  And the "old post on the shore". ?

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