I do go to conventions from time to time. This set of very short notes starts with the Con I was part of the committee for and moves on from there.

Conquest the Second
CON With The Wind
ConTour in 2004
Icon in 2005 - Swancon XXX - Contunuum 3
Conclave in 2006 - Conflux 3

CONSTRUCTION: Welcome to the post con report for Construction - The 1998 New Zealand National Science Fiction Convention. The convention is over. Were you there? You should have been! The proverbial great time was had by all. It was held at Wellington's West Plaza Hotel during Queens Birthday weekend 1998 - May 29th to June 1st.

We had a great array of guests including...

Neil Gaiman
Michael Hurst
George R R Martin
Cherry Wilder
Sean McMullen
Norman Cates
Lyn McConchie
Renaldo the Party Sheep

There were also lots and lots of others who contributed in many ways to the success of the convention. I could try to list all the names, but would probably miss someone out. You know who you are, and be assured the we are just soooo grateful for all your assistance, participation or sponsorship whatever the case may be. Thank you all.

I had hoped to expand this site to include more articles and comment about the convention written by the people who attended. But nothing much has been forthcoming. As far as I know, the only review of the Convention is to be found on Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City site. To read the review, click here.

CONQUEST 2: The 1999 NZ convention was Conquest the Second held in Auckland over the Easter weekend. It featured Alan Dean Foster, Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), John Howe (Tolkein illustrator) and Mike Hansen (fan GOH). I had a pretty good time there - it would have been much better, but I was ill for a good part of the time and missed many events. John Howe did give me the most superb autograph I have ever seen - not a signature, but a great sketch on the back of a Tolkein calendar. I was also on the winning Quiz team - a first (and probably last) for me - it certainly helps to be on the same team as Alan Robson and Matthew Pavletich.

AUSSIECON 3: Aussiecon 3 was the world SF convention for 1999. It was held in Melbourne - close enough that my accumulated air miles could get me to my third Worldcon. It turned out to be very different from the other WorldCons that I attended. It was more like an overblown natcon. Of note was the small number of big names compared to the big American cons. It has to be said that those who were there were very good. Apart from Greg Benford (the main GoH) there was Stephen Baxter, George R R Martin, David Hartwell and Joe Haldeman who were all of particular interest to me.

COND'OR 2000: The convention for 2000 was ConD'or 2000. It was held in Wellington on Queens Birthday weekend (2-5 June 2000). The convention hotel was again the West Plaza and again proved to be very well laid out for a convention of this size. Guests of honour were Tad Williams and Sean McMullen (and family). I had quite an involvement - there were seven items that I was involved in. This is not counting being in a team on the Couch Potato quiz where I am proud to have come last. Lynelle and her team are to be congratulated on putting together a fun con.

ODYSSEYCON: OdysseyCon was the 2001 New Zealand Natcon held at Easter. Maree Sole, Norman Cates and company put on a fun convention complete with fire alarm on Friday night. I didn't attend much of the programming because there was not much that attracted my interest, yet despite that I had a very good and relaxing time. Guests Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon, Brian Howell and the McMullens all got into the spitit with enthusiasm.

CON With The Wind: The 2002 national convention was held in Wellington at Queens Birthday weekend. It featured guests Joe and Gay Haldeman, Lucy Sussex, Dan Hennah, Renaldo, Stephen Dedman, Alan Robson and Yvonne Harrison. Have a look at their web site to see more. As for me, well I got very much into it. Attending programming, socialising, buying stuff and generally having a good time. It was also a very important con for the future of fandom with the formation of SFFANZ. In the elections I got elected to the board - just call us the collective. Therefore if you have any representation you want to make to that organisation, then get in touch.

EMOTICON: The 2003 convention was Emoticon :-). I was there. Were you? Great T-shirt. I also volunteered to do some work on the con running guide. With a lot of work by Katie, this eventuated,

CONTOUR: The 2004 convention was ConTour in Rotorua. Alan Parker did the organising and Greg Benford lined up as guest of honour. Oh yes and I was the Fan GOH. Turnout was small, but a great deal of fun was had. I am not sure what the deal is with small cons but they are often the most enjoyable. Catchphrase of the con - "small but perfectly formed".

ICON: The 2005 NZ natcon was called Icon. However I went to Swancon XXX in Perth - ask me why I made that choice. But what a great choice. It may well be the best fun I have had at a con in many years. The key difference was in the amount of energy that was on display. So many people wanting to do so many things. And parties too. I also went to Continuum 3 on the basis that Neil Gaiman was GOH. There must have been 500 people there. It was pretty intense with that number of people there. I got to meet lots of great new people at both these Aussie cons. The scene over there is pretty active these days.

CONCLAVE: The 2006 NZ natcon convention was called Conclave. I also attended Conflux 3 in Canberra the following weekend. You can read my impressions here and here.

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