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Convention Running Guide

The SFFANZ Convention Guide project is an attempt to bring together information about the running of conventions in New Zealand. We aim to collect as much of the experience and wisdom of local and international fandom as we can to produce a resource that can be used by anybody wishing to run a con.

Please find here a draft version of the document to aid you in your convention planning. A major revision of this document is planned for 3Q 2006 incorporating input from around the fan community.

Convention Running Guide - DOC version (198kB)
Convention Running Guide - PDF version (370kB)

We do want to continue improving and updating this guide. If you wish to contribute your wisdom, please contact Ross (SFFANZ project sponsor).

Some disclaimers. This is a work of collected opinion and as such cannot be considered definitive - it just represents our best efforts to determine what experienced convention runners have to offer. Sometimes people have varying opinions of the best way to do something - in such a case we have included all opinions even if they contradict - use your common sense to see which best applies to you. This document is aimed at the New Zealand situation - while most things translate internationally, some will not. For example, tax and liability insurance situations will be different.

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