Hello and welcome to my world. This was the homepage for Ross Temple. Herein, you will find the personal ramblings of a science fiction fan. It contains an archive of articles and reviews written by me.

Note that there are no updates to this page. It is simply an archive of old articles.

Are you looking for my other sites?...
  My blog on LiveJournal - all of my recent stuff is here not that I use it much any more either.
  The FFANZ Site - the Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand.

This page is called Three Monkeys - Ten Minutes. Why is it called that? Well, you may remember the old question - If an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters were given sufficient time, would they eventually produce all the works of Shakespere? Given that, what would it take to produce all of my stuff? My thanks to Scott Adams for providing the answer.

Articles: Do you want to know what I think? Up until a couple of years ago I was writing articles for Phoenixine - the official magazine of the Phoenix Science Fiction Society. This is where you can read various ramblings on matters vaguely associated with Science Fiction or whatever took my interest at the time. All my more recent writing is on my blog.

Archive: There are lots of much older articles also written by me. For the most part these are book reviews, but there are some other articles on the nature of SF as well.

Conventions: Read a bit about some of the conventions I have attended in the distant past.