May 2017

Featured Music in the New Kiwi Playlist
This month's featured Kiwi Album

Beeches - Redline
Chelsea Jade - Life Of The Party
Date Month Year - Numbers
Doe Hadfield - Sanctuary
Elly - Round Round
Fazerdaze - Take It Slow
Harry Parsons - Crown
Manalion - Hanvey Hotlap
Marino Mariner - Here We Are
Nakita - Foolish Ones
Push Push - Talk2Me
Ruby Suns - Tilt Of His Hat
Teeks - If Only
Thee Rum Coves - Over And Over
Theia - Treat You
Thomas Oliver - Tenderly
Vallkyrie - Lost Soul
Alayna - Falling Autumn
Brendon Thomas And The Vibes - Copper Shades
Ciaran Mcmeeken - Which Way Shall We Go
Cymbol - Slipping
Eden Mulholland - Lego Ships
Glass Vaults - Brooklyn
Kayla Mahon - Do You Ever
Kendall Elise - Heart Full Of Dirt
Nomad - I Wont Stop
Physical - Islands
Pipsy - Why Cant I Get What I Want For Once
Ranea - Tihei Mauri Ora
Seth Haapu - Nature
Sola Rosa Ft Noah Slee - Back To You
Space Above - Let It Still
Young Lyre - Winter
Zen Mantra - Remember You At All


Exponents - Once Bitten Twice Bitten

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Airway Spies
All I Can Do
Brand New Doll
Caroline Skies
Greater Hopes Greater Expectations
I'll Say Goodbye
Know Your Own Heart
La La Lulu
Like She Said
Only I Could Die
Sex And Agriculture
Sink Like A Stone
The Summer You Never Meant
Whatever Happened To Tracy
Who Loves Who The Most
Why Does Love Do This To Me
Your Best Friend Loves Me Too

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