Featured Music in the New Kiwi Playlist
This month's featured Kiwi Album

Apollo Steam Train - Superstition (Looking In The Mirror)
Chelsea Jade - Laugh It Off
Dead Favours - High Flying
Fat Freddys Drop - Trickle Down
Frills - Drunk Girls Drunk Boys
Geoff Ong - Fingerprints
Ha The Unclear - Stuck In My Head
Helen Corry - The Power
High Hps - People
Jed Parsons - Time
Josh Mac - Confusing
Kittens Of The Internet - Sea Scotch
Lexxa - I Got Better Friends Now
Maya Payne - Jungle
Princess Chelsea - I Love My Boyfriend
Saski - Work It Out
Siena Stone - Freewheeler
Spring Break - Kisses
Tarn Pk - Caught In The Wake
The Beths - Great No One
Theia - Bad Idea
Thomston - Acid Rain
Valere - Circles

Shavonne - Pure Country

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A Picture Of Me (Without You)
California Girls
He Aint Even Cold Yet
Hello Mr Heartache
One Bud Wiser
Skoal Ring
Tonight The Heartaches On Me
Two More Bottles Of Wine
What Part Of No
You Aint Woman Enough
Youre Looking At Country




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